Where we go from here

The hamlet of Northville-Northampton has created an economic development plan that will ensure the Adirondack community’s future growth. Video/Greg Hitchcock.

NORTHVILLE, N.Y. – As regulators, state government has acted as the Adirondack Park police often preventing economic development in the region.

This has presented a problem for those living within the park’s many towns, villages, and hamlets where they have seen a decline of population as young people and families move out in search of employment.

This has left a mark on Adirondack municipalities as local government copes with this loss while still providing services to its remaining aging population.

Today, the Adirondack Park Agency (APA) and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) have put on a new face.

In the hamlet of Northville-Northampton, the APA has been an integral partner in providing technical expertise in developing an economic development plan for this community.

With this plan, the community plans to enhance their assets by developing existing properties, opening public access to the Great Sacandaga Lake, attracting new business and augmenting tourism.

The hope of the hamlet is to bring in new families to support the communities and school district.

Where we go from here depends on collaboration among federal, state and local governments and the citizens they represent.


Greg Hitchcock, a veteran-freelance writer meeting clients needs since 1999